Analytics can help distributors stay profitable and growing as the market remains turbulent and unpredictable. But skepticism keeps even the most successful in the industry from taking the leap. That’s thanks to so many popular myths around these capabilities.

First of all, distributors who are doing fine without analytics may think they don’t need them. They’re already doing well and don’t want to change their approach. Second, many distributors think analytics capabilities cost more than they’re worth. And third, many believe they need better data than they already have.

We’ve been helping distributors implement analytics strategies in all aspects of their businesses for decades. So believe us when we tell you that these are all myths – and they’re holding you back. In a recent article for NAW, we discuss this very topic, and how you can bust these myths for good and get on track to a profitable 2021 with analytics.

Debunk the myths that are holding you back.

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