What have you learned during this crisis? In times like these, we discover which core capabilities helped us survive and which critical weaknesses nearly took us down. These weaknesses must be analyzed as opportunities for improvement. Doing so will not only strengthen your business, but also buoy your post-crisis recovery during continued unpredictable shifts in supply and demand.

Peak performance lies at the intersection of best practices across three components of any business: people, process and technology. Any weaknesses in these areas can significantly impede recovery and growth. In our whitepaper, Reframing the Pandemic: Key Questions to Chart Your Path Forward, we offer a series of questions to ask yourself concerning these areas of your business. Questions like:

  • Were you more proactive or reactive with customers’ needs during the crisis?
  • Were you more reliant on the verbal assurances of vendors or could your systems identify and anticipate shortage/fill-rate risk against baseline patterns?
  • If you operate multiple locations or subsidiaries, how well were you able to assemble and map data and analytics across those locations/subsidiaries to make coordinated decisions during the crisis?

Only by assessing where you’ve been will you be able to chart a path forward. Grab a pen (or open a blank Word document) and let’s get started:


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